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Product Images – Superior Vehicle Interior Protection

We’re proud to offer a variety of material, colour and style options in our Boot Liners; options that are available to us thanks to our dedicated on-site manufacturing team. Take a look through our images to see how well our Fully Tailored Boot Liners fit with your vehicle and view the style we have available.

Should you ever require any help in choosing your Boot Liner, our friendly team are here to help. Email us on or call us on 01623 645100 between 8am – 4.30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

Fully Tailored Boot Liners protect your car’s interior. They are perfect for tradesmen, gardeners, dog walkers, horse owners, farmers, fishermen, outdoor adventurers and more! They are designed to fit like a second skin to your car, allowing you to use your car for a variety of purposes whilst providing comprehensive protection.


Blue boot liner

Four Piece Boot Liners

Four Piece Boot Liners are constructed of four pieces; the base, the left side, the right side and the cover for the rear of the seats. The pieces connect together with Velcro strips, covering your vehicle. This option is a great choice for people who wish to regularly wash the base of the Boot Liner. Each piece of the four piece Boot Liner easily fits within a domestic washing machine.

The Four Piece Boot Liner is fully tailored to the specifications of your make, model and year of vehicle. It fits neatly to allow full use of your vehicle, providing gaps for seat belts and control panels, contouring around the boot for a smart finish.

One Piece Boot Liners

One Piece Boot Liners have the same parts and design as the Four Piece Boot Liners, but the pieces are sewn together so that no gaps are present.

The stitched design ensures comprehensive protection of the boot. The boot floor is still accessible, with the base piece sewn part way and the remainder secured with Velcro.

Dogs Love Boot Liners!

Our Boot Liners are incredibly popular with dog owners! The comprehensive protection prevents dirt, grit, hair and more reaching the carpet of your car’s interior.

Boot Liners are easy to clean; they can either be brushed and wiped down, or washed in a standard washing machine. They keep your car interior protected from muddy paw prints and pesky pet hair that would otherwise become engrained in the fibre of the vehicle carpet.

Our Dog Beds are made from the same hard wearing quilted fabric, generously padded for your dog’s comfort! The Dog Beds feature a removable cushion to allow for easy washing. A hygienic choice for a busy lifestyle.

Fully Tailored Boot Liners

Our Boot Liners are tailored to fit neatly with your make, model and year of vehicle. Our designers take care to adapt the pattern to fit with control panels, seat belts, nets, pockets and recesses of the vehicle.

Each Boot Liner is made specifically to your requirements in your choice of colour, designed to fit with your specific make, model and year of vehicle. Each Boot Liner is accurately cut using the latest CAD technology before being expertly assembled by our on-site machinists. Our Boot Liners can be designed to move with your seats with our variety of seat split options. Bumper Flaps can also be added to provide protection when loading the vehicle with equipment, or to protect against pets jumping in and out of the vehicle.

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