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We produce all of our products in our Nottinghamshire-based factory. Each and every product that we make is made in Britain, to the highest quality. Our newsletter will let you know a bit more information about our team from time-to-time. We will show you the hard work that they put in to creating our car, van and tractor mats, seat covers, boot liners, boot trays and the other accessories you need for your car.

Send us your pics!

We are very proud of the products we produce and we are always pleased to hear from our happy customers. Thank you for sending us your photographs over the past few years. These pictures do show us just how good our car mats, boot liners and seat covers can look when they are in your car. We will feature pictures and testimonials from all of our happy customers in our newsletters. It is fantastic to see how the products look when they leave our factory.

Send us your photographs and some information about how your products have been working for you, your family or your pets. We love to see the pictures of your pets in your cars, which are being kept clean with thanks to our boot liners!

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