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What products do you offer?
We manufacture a wide range of products for your vehicle and a few for your pets too. Here, you’ll find our fully tailored Boot Liners, available in Heavy Duty or Quilted material. We also make pet beds, which are perfect for your car boot.

If you don’t see your car listed, or a product you want for your car, give us a call on 01623 645100 or email us and we will be more than happy to discuss.
Can the Boot Liners be washed?
Yes, boot liners can be washed. Providing your washing machine is big enough, the boot liners can be machine washed at 30°C. Remember not to use fabric softener in the cycle. The Four Piece Boot Liner can be washed in sections (Base, Left Panel, Right Panel, Rear Seat Cover) which is useful for regular washing.

Boot Liners can also be vacuumed clean, or wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Read our guide on keeping your boot liner clean here.
What is the postage cost?
Free UK delivery is available for orders over £50. Our products are sent via a courier service on a 48 hour or 24 hour service, depending on which you choose. The 48 hour delivery service is £5.99. The 24 hour delivery service is £7.99.

All items are made to order. Please allow 5-7 working days for us to produce your product before it is sent with your chosen courier service.
What is a ‘Dropback’?
We offer our boot liners with the option of a ‘dropback’, which allows your seats to be ‘dropped back’ whilst the boot liner remains in place. The dropback can be provided with or without the ‘seat split’ option.
What is a ‘Seat Split’?
A ‘seat split’ is available when the dropback option is selected. It is an amendment in the design of the Boot Liner which allows the seats to be dropped individually or together, depending on the design of your car. The options explained:

60/40: When looking at the rear seats from the boot, the left side has two seats and the right has one single seat.
40/60: When looking at the rear seats from the boot, the right side has two seats and the left side has one seat.
50/50: When looking at the rear seats from the boot, a split is made down the middle. This would be for two individual rear seats.
40/20/40: When looking at the rear seats from the boot, two splits are made so that each seat can be dropped individually.
Why would I need a Bumper Flap?
A Bumper Flap is an optional extra for your Boot Liner. It is a piece of material that extends over the bumper to provide protection when loading objects (or pets!) in and out of the boot. It is a simple yet effective way to protect your paintwork. When not in use, it can be removed or simply folded into the boot itself.
What is a ‘Rear Seat Flap’?
A Rear Seat Flap provides protection to the headrests of the rear seats. It attaches to the top of the rear seats on the Boot Liner and folds over the headrests, extending part way down the rear seats. This is a great choice for people who really fill their boot, helping to keep the car clean and tidy.
What is a ‘Boot Liner Extension’?
The Boot Liner Extension is an optional extra that is designed to be used when the seats are down. It clips around the headrests of the front seats and lays over the rear seats when they are dropped down. This extra piece of material provides comprehensive protection, ensuring the rear of the front seats are covered. It also bridges the gap over the rear seat footwells. It can be removed when not in use.
Can I still use my boot as normal with a Boot Liner fitted?
Our fully tailored design fits like a second skin to your car boot. It will allow access to seat belts, pockets and buttons. We also provide options for a dropback, which allows the seats to be dropped down, plus various seat split options to allow seats to be dropped individually.
How do they fit in my car?
Our Boot Liners are fitted to your car using Velcro or self-adhesive Velcro, depending whether you have a carpet of plastic interior. We provide a fitting guide to help you fit your Boot Liner accurately, ensuring you get the best use out of it. Watch the fitting video and read through the steps here.

The boot must be cleaned thoroughly before fitting the Boot Liner; please bear this in mind.
What is the difference between a ‘One Piece’ and a ‘Four Piece’ Boot Liner?
Each Boot Liner is made up of four pieces; the base; the left panel; the right panel and the rear seat cover. In the One Piece design, all these sections are sewn together, so there are no gaps between the pieces. The base piece is sewn part way down and the rest secured with velcro to allow access to the boot floor.

The Four Piece Boot Liner is made up of the same components, but the pieces are provided separately. The base piece features a fabric lip around the edge to bridge any gaps between the base piece, the side panels and rear seat cover. The Four Piece is a useful option for those who wish to regularly wash their boot liner, or for those who have a small washing machine.
I can’t see my car listed, can you still make me a Boot Liner?
We’re always happy to help you find the best way to protect your vehicle. If you can’t see your car listed, please contact us on 01623 645100 or Alternatively, you can fill out a booking enquiry form here
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