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Our helpful guide

Getting the right fit for your new boot liner is imperative to getting the best use out of it. Our helpful fitting guide is here to help you achieve the perfect fit, so your boot liner can get to work in protecting your vehicle.

Fitting your Boot Liner

Each vehicle is different, so each Boot Liner is too! Some car boots have a carpet covering and some have a plastic trim; depending on which is present will change whether your Boot Liner is attached by strong Velcro or by self-adhesive backed Velcro.

Step One: Before fitting your Boot Liner, it is imperative that you vacuum the boot thoroughly and ensure all dirt, grit and dog hair is removed. Pay particular attention to the places where the Boot Liner attaches for the most secure fit.

If you have a plastic trim, use a silicone remover such as Auto-Glym Intensive Tar Remover to remove any residue. Use a clean, dry cloth to clean the plastic trim and allow to dry.

Please note – the Velcro or self adhesive will not stick to the boot if it comes into contact with dog hair, silicone or dog hair prior to fitting. If you have had your carpet protected, we cannot guarantee that the Velcro will stick to the carpet.

Step Two: Lay all the parts out (if you have a Four Piece Boot Liner, you will receive two sides, the base and the seat covering. A One Piece Boot Liner has all these parts sewn together) and identify which is the correct way around. The side facing the car’s interior will have the Velcro attachment.

Step Three: If you have selected to have a ‘Dropback’ on your Boot Liner, place the seats down. If you do not have the Dropback, the seats can be left upright for fitting.

Step Four: Starting with either the sides or the base, lay the One Piece or Four Piece in the car and begin to attach the Velcro or self-adhesive. Take time doing this, gently smoothing out each piece to achieve a neat fit. Press the material into any pockets in the boot itself. When fitting the sides, work from the top of the material down to the base. Take care not to pull the material too tight, but also do not allow it to sag.

When fitting the One Piece Boot Liner, the sides and rear seat covering can be folded into the base piece to make it easier.

Step Five: Once the base and sides are in place, fold the rear seat cover over the rear seats and fasten the headrest clips. Pull the material down towards the base of the seats and tuck the excess material into the gap between the seats and the boot floor.

Step Six: Lift the seats up, then repeat the process of tucking the material between the seats and the boot floor.

If you have a Seat Split…

The Boot Liner will comes with a split in the seat cover section to allow the seats to drop down. When fitting the Boot Liner, test the seat split by dropping down the seats individually. You may need to adjust the Boot Liner slightly to allow the seats to move easily.

If you have a Rear Seat Flap…

The Rear Seat Flap covers the head rests of the rear seats and extends part way down the rear seats. This attaches using a section of velcro situated at the top of the Boot Liner.

If you have a Boot Liner Extension…

The Boot Liner Extension is designed to be used when the seats are down, covering the rear of the front seats. This features a simple attachment, using clips that fasten around the front headrests. It provides protection from the rear seats all the way up the back of the front seats when the rear seats are down. It is fully removable.

If you have a Bumper Flap…

You will see a Velcro strip close to the edge of the boot. Here, you can attach the Bumper Flap using the Velcro attachment. The Bumper Flap can be folded back into the boot when not in use. it is folded over the bumper when loading objects in and out of the vehicle.

If you have Anti-Slip Backing…

The Anti-Slip Backing is placed on the boot floor, below the Boot Liner itself. This will help to secure heavier loads, preventing the Boot Liner from moving around. When fitting, ensure it is laid on flat to the boot floor to prevent any bunching.


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